Captioning and Subtitling Services


CompuScripts Captioning is a company located in Columbia, SC, that specializes in closed captioning and subtitling services that help you become FCC and ADA compliant.  CompuScripts provides standard and/or high definition solutions in realtime captions; post-production caption files or black video files for NLEs; post-production captions/subtitles for DVD design applications; post-production captioned master videos; and on-demand webcast subtitles and captions.  CompuScripts Captioning also has expertise in remote and onsite communication access realtime translations (CART).

CompuScripts Captioning’s post-production caption editors hold degrees in English or Journalism.  Deborah Dusseljee, the founder, is a Certified Broadcast Captioner and Certified CART Provider through the National Court Reporters Association.

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