Captioning and Subtitling Services


Traditionally, closed captioning services consisted of broadcast realtime for live events, postproduction services for canned programs, and hybrids of those two services called offline realtime and live display captioning.    The postproduction captioning procedures of the past typically required you to mail a master tape to our facility.  We then provided the tape-to-tape captioning services utilizing various hardware, software, encoders, decks, and other equipment to create a closed captioning master.  Service are still available for this legacy system, and CompuScripts Captioning can dub and ship your program for distribution.

Today, in addition to broadcast and webcast realtime captioning services, you have a choice of SD and HD postproduction workflows.  Our closed captioning/subtitling services are customized for your particular workflow and deliverables.  Our newly upgraded facility provides for tapeless workflows that include captioned files for use with Adobe Premier Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Sony Vegas, and various Avid NLEs. CompuScripts Captioning (CSC) can also provide captioned files for use with DVD authoring software such as Adobe Encore, Apple DVD Studio Pro, and Avid DVD Studio Pro. CompuScripts delivers NLE caption files, black video files, physical media, or digital formats. CSC also delivers on-demand webcast caption/subtitle files for QuickTime, iTunes, YouTube, Flash, Windows Media Player, and RealText.  If you want CSC to complete your production, we can import, create a captioned master, and distribute the captioned/subtitled videos for on-time delivery.

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Approved YouTube Ready Vendor

CSC offers effective communication and Americans with Disabilities Act-compliant closed captioning and subtitling services to public and private entities.  CompuScripts Captioning is endorsed by the Described and Captioning Media Program, which is administered by the National Association of the Deaf and funded by the U. S. Department of Education.  Achieving DCMP “Approved Captioning Service Vendor” status is a prestigious honor in the captioning industry.  Of those who participate in the rigorous evaluation process to acquire Approved Vendor status, only half actually earn the distinction.  CompuScripts Captioning also enjoys the distinction  of being a YouTube Ready captioning vendor through DCMP.

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