Captioning and Subtitling Services

Onsite and Remote CART

Communication Access Realtime Translation (CART) Services

  • What is CART?
    • CART is the near verbatim instant translation of the spoken word into English text utilizing a stenotype machine, computer, and realtime software operated by a CART provider.
  • How does a CART provider deliver text to a client?
    • An onsite CART provider displays text on a computer monitor, LED board, or projection screen.
    • A remote CART provider typically streams text to a website-based application, such as 1CapApp, where the viewer can access the text via the internet with a computer or smart device.  Another remote viewing option is for the remote CART provider to screen share with the CART client.
      • 1CapApp allows CompuScripts Captioning to offer value-added services to enhance the viewer’s experience, such as viewer notes, instant messages to the CART provider, adjustable font size and color, adjustable background color, and an instant transcript of the CART session emailed to the viewer’s personal email address.
    • CompuScripts Captioning’s CART providers can simulcast, delivering text simultaneously both onsite and remotely.
  • What environments are appropriate for CART?Communication Access Realtime Translations
    • The Americans with Disabilities Act specifically recognizes CART as an assistive technology which affords effective communication access.  CART is used in a variety of settings: business meetings, conventions, conferences, legal proceedings, religious services, medical evaluations, and classrooms–anywhere equal access is needed.  CART is utilized in public and private venues, as well as performed during indoor and outdoor events.  A CART provider is bound to similar ethics as an interpreter: most importantly, discretion and confidentiality.
  • Are court reporters and CART providers the same?
    • The official court reporter of a trial or deposition and the CART provider perform different functions and should not be the same person.  Court reporters produce a certified verbatim transcript of a proceeding.  CART providers, being specially trained in sensitivity and ethics, facilitate effective communication access during an event.  CART providers can also be referred to as realtime captioners.
  • How do I schedule a CART provider?
    • If you are attending a public event and need CART accommodation, please notify the contact person in charge of the event and give the contact person CompuScripts Captioning’s information.  Both the Department of Justice and the Office of Civil Rights do not permit an additional charge for the cost of an auxiliary aid or service being provided.  Some students are eligible for vocational rehab assistance.   If you are the responsible party for providing CART accommodations, please contact Deborah Dusseljee,, or call 1.888.849.9698.
  • Are you in need of CART or employing your first CART provider and need more information?  The National Association of Court Reporters Foundation sponsors the Communication Access Information Center.  Its resources include information related to CART in the courtroom, classroom, and post-secondary education.

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