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Internet Realtime

Live Webcast TextHow Does Realtime Text Streaming Work?

Remote CART & Captions

Remote CART App

  • You provide one phone line or Skype/VOIP connection for the realtime captioner to secure audio.
  • We can provide text streaming to a number of internet browser-based applications that are written to accept realtime text streams.  We can stream to a pod in Adobe Connect.  We can provide a website link for you–and others if it’s set up as a public event– to click on via a laptop or smart device to secure a realtime text feed as the webcast or live event occurs.  CompuScripts Captioning can send IP captions to your server for use with Internet Protocol (IP) encoders or stadium/arena display boards.  Additionally, our captioners can simulcast to different destinations, such as a broadcast encoder and an internet browser app.

Are You Looking for Remote CART, Communication Access Realtime Translations?  See our  CART page.

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